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When choosing a print vendor, your satisfaction with the finished service depends on how you prioritize print quality, cost and turn-around. If you need a high-quality product delivered quickly, the pricing for your job will increase . . . or you might sacrifice print quality in order to receive your job affordably or with quicker turn-around. Goldmine strives to provide all three factors with every service we offer. Quick delivery… high print quality… priced lower than other local or online options.

Fast and Affordable Print Quality

Waiting at an ‘office supply store’ and having your artwork ready for the store associate is a hassle. Save yourself the drive and effort of coordinating your print orders . . . just email Goldmine your files and include your instructions for printing. We can easily print using your Microsoft Word or Publisher files, PDF format or any Adobe file extensions.

With Goldmine’s wide assortment of printed materials, many of our print items can be ready within 3-5 business days of placing the order. When requested by our local area clients, we can guarantee print materials by the following business day if print approval is received by 10am (depending on paper stock and quantity ordered).

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